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JSG Oceana 

JSG Oceana The beauty of glass touches all of our lives. At JSG Oceana decorative glass, our products cover a wide range, from glass sinks to grace your Kitchen or Bath to exquisite Tabletop and Giftware pieces. Our stunning glass kitchen sinks are unique in the industry. JSG Oceana’s Signature dinnerware features glass infused with precious metals, and our Alina Collection features free formed pieces signed by the artist. You’ll find a gift for every occasion or a unique furniture selection to enhance your home. JSG Oceana Glass LLC is a part of Jeannette Specialty Glass, founded in 1904. We are a corporation with a long history in the heart of America’s glass making region. A century of excellence has earned JSG a reputation for manufacturing the highest grade of commercial and industrial glass products. In 1976, JSG began to specialize in the uses of borosilicate glass, an engineered glass durable enough to withstand a variety of mechanical, chemical, and thermal shocks. Jeannette Specialty Glass perfected its own formulation, known as “Hard Roc” glass. As with so many beautiful ideas, a JSG designer gained a new inspiration while walking along the beach one day, and in the blue reflections and golden shimmers of light, he saw the birth of JSG Oceana’s distinctive distinctive glass product lines, including Kitchen & Bath, Tabletop & Giftware, and Outdoor Living.
JSG Oceana vessel sinks and pop-up drains meet the highest quality standards in the plumbing industry. We manufacture our sinks and tile to be thermal shock, scratch, impact, and stain resistant. JSG Oceana sinks carry the UPC certification from IAPMO.

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