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Indikoi Sinks is a small Montana-based company that creates contemporary hand-crafted vessel sinks.  The 6000 square foot ceramic facility located in Montana is where owners David and Brandi create and manufacture Indikoi Sinks.  Their vision to create unique one-of-a-kind vessel sinks began years ago.  Master Potter David Pellerin spent years formulating and perfecting his porcelain clay body and all the beautiful Indikoi glazes.  He mixes his own porcelain and glazes from scratch using only the finest quality materials.  David hand throws each sink on the wheel, bisque fires, glazes, and fires it again to 2300 degrees over a 48 hour period.  This process brings the porcelain to a state of vitrification which makes the sinks extremely durable for everyday use.  Indikoi Sinks is an artistic element for the home!


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