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Types Of Bathroom Sinks

The popularity of bathroom sinks has increased significantly in recent times. More and more people are realizing the importance of such sinks from a hygienic as well as aesthetic point of view. In most homes, bathroom sinks are the most used fixture. Traditional sinks were white in color and bowl shaped. Nowadays, these sinks are available in various materials, colors, styles, shapes and sizes. The entire appearance of the bathroom will be influenced by the sink. Hence a selection should be made after considering all aspects.

There are several types of bathroom sinks available in the market today. Console sinks are decorative types which are ideal for bathrooms with a vintage design. The sinks are fitted on table tops which are supported by legs and brackets. If the bathroom has a modern theme, vessel sinks can be used. It is a type of unenclosed console sink and renders an open space feel to the bathroom. However, additional storage options have to be used since it does not have provision to store all bathroom items. Pedestal sinks are very popular among homeowners who are looking for replacements to existing sinks. This is because these sinks are compatible with a variety of bathroom designs. Additionally, there are available in various sizes and shapes and are ideal for bathrooms with a retro décor.

Vanity sinks are yet another common type of bathroom sinks. They are available in various styles such as double style, single style, traditional style, antique style and modern style. Most models of this type have doors. Hence they can be used for storing items, which is an added advantage. Most public facilities have wall mounted sinks. Consequently, they are popular in a lot of homes as well. These sinks are best suited for small bathrooms. They do not have any storage facilities. Additionally, the styles are limited in case of wall mounted sinks. Nowadays, a lot of people go for self-rimming sinks. These sinks fit into a hole that is cut in the countertop. The main advantage of using this type of sink is that it provides more counter space to the homeowner.

The internet is a good place to find various bathroom sink designs. Catalogs are also a source of such designs. Most people use the bathroom sink designs in a catalog while remodeling their house. In today’s fickle economy, a lot of homeowners consider the budget while purchasing and installing bathroom sinks. Porcelain, glass, stone, stainless steel, copper, chrome and brass are some common materials used in the manufacture of bathroom sinks. Most modern sinks are made of glass or porcelain. The sleek and modern look offered by glass cannot be matched by any other material.

Porcelain is quite popular since it can be painted to suit the taste of the homeowner. Durability and low price are the benefits of using stainless steel sinks. Ceramic sinks have an organic feel. They are scratch resistant and are available in various colors. Irrespective of the type of bathroom sink chosen, one should ensure that it is stylish, elegant and functional




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