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The Old World Charm Of Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper sinks seem like an edgy, modern twist for your kitchen, but copper is actually our oldest metal. For more than 10,000 years we’ve been utilizing copper, so bringing it into our homes is not really such a stretch. In fact, we use copper all over the house! Your plumbing system may have copper in it. When you go buy high end cookware, it is made from copper. And let’s don’t downplay the charm factor of copper. After all, when you see cooking shows or walk through a high end restaurant, ever notice those copper pots hanging about? It’s a sign of quality, excellence, and class.


Therefore, it’s not that odd that copper would now make an appearance as material for sinks in the home. The kitchen, bath, and bar sinks have never looked so good!


But before you grab your purse and head out shopping for copper kitchen sinks, educate yourself.


You may see a couple terms when you’re shopping for copper kitchen sinks. One is hand crafted. Copper sinks are primarily made in small shops, who utilized the techniques for copper sink construction from centuries ago. Yes, that’s right. The copper kitchen sink is made the same way it has been for hundreds of years. Copper sinks are made all over the world, but you probably want one from Mexico, India, or the United States. You may also see hand hammered copper sinks, which should mean the sink was made in Mexico, where they hammer sheets of copper into the shape they want before finishing the sink by hand. These are the more rustic sinks, your copper farmhouse sinks and the like. The bulk of their work is for commercial clients. You will find the hand crafted sinks made in the States are smoother. But the hand hammered farmhouse copper sinks are more unique.


Farmhouse sinks bring even more Old World charm to your kitchen than just copper kitchen sinks. You may also hear these called apron sinks. The terms are synonymous. These period-style sinks have a panel in front and a vintage feel to them. These are especially popular in period homes. But a lot of contemporary homeowners are installing them in their kitchens both for the aesthetic appeal as well as the functionality. These wide, deep sinks make washing large stock pots, cookie sheet, and even small dogs and children a breeze.


There is also the ergonomic design factor. Because these apron or farmhouse sinks are designed more forward than traditional sinks, they require less straining and reaching on your part. There is also less splashback with apron sinks as you work. The clean lines of these apron sinks and farmhouse sinks really work well with modern design, but also pull in some charm of an era past.


Copper farmhouse sinks are not only visually pleasing, but they are also easy to care for. They have a warmth to them that will thaw out any modern, industrial kitchen. As copper farmhouse sinks age, they get more beautiful. Your copper apron sinks will take on a deeper patina as you own them. On top of all of that,  copper kitchen sinks are naturally antibacterial, so you know your kitchen will be that much safer as you prepare food for your family.


Copper apron sinks and copper farmhouse sinks should really be considered functional art. They are beautiful to behold, but so practical that it’s almost silly to consider anything else for your sink construction. Charming, enchanting, and evocative, these copper kitchen sinks will remind you of a bygone time, while giving you advantages and practicality to deal with today’s fast-paced world.




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