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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a drain with or without overflow?

If the sink you are using the drain with has an overflow hole in it, you will need to purchase a drain with overflow. If the sink you are using the drain with does not have an overflow hole, you will need to purchase a drain without overflow. An overflow is in layman's terms the small hole or slit near the upper part of a sink basin or tub that allows water to drain automatically if the water reaches a certain level. This overflow prevents overflowing of water. Drains that have an overflow feature will line up with the overflow feature built into your sink, to allow the water to drain whether the top of the drain is closed or not.

What size drain do I need for my sink? Why does the lesser value still fit?

There are three common drain sizes for bathroom sinks, 1.25", 1.5" and 1 5/8 (1.625"). You need to select a drain that is the same size or SMALLER than the hole in your sink. For example, if you have a sink with a drain hole of 1.75", than any of the drains 1.25", 1.5", or 1.65" will work. However, if you had a sink with a 1.25" hole, then only the 1.25" drain will work, the bigger drains will not fit. A common secondary question is, why will a smaller drain still fit my larger drain hole? The measurement of the drain is typically for the threaded part of the drain pipe, the part that actually has to fit through the hole in the sink. The majority of drains are much larger on the drain flange, which is the upper part of the drain that sits in your sink, thus, this part will not fit through the hole and instead will cover it, which is what a drain is supposed to do.

What is the difference between a popup drain and a grid drain?

To put it simply, a popup drain is a drain that can be put in the down or up position depending on whether or not you want the sink to hold water or not. A grid drain on the other hand is similar to a shower strainer, or shower drain. It has holes in it that cannot be closed, and therefore will always let the water drain, never allowing you to fill up the sink.

What is the difference between a soft touch or click clack popup drain and a regular popup drain? What kind do I need for a vessel sink?

Although they look the same in operation, the main difference between a soft touch / click clack popup drain and a regular popup drain is that the soft touch / click clack drain does not require a popup lever (the lever often mounted behind the faucet) to open and close. Instead, a soft touch drain operates by simply putting pressure on the top of the drain with your finger to open or close it. A regular popup drain is often a drain that opens and closes with the use of a popup lever. Many of today's modern faucets have forgone the use of popup levers because they assume you will be using a soft touch popup drain with your sink. The type of drain you select is really only dependant on your faucet, if your faucet does not have a hole for a drain popup lever to go through, which is the case for most vessel sink faucets, then you need to use a soft touch or click clack drain. If your faucet has a drain popup lever hole you have a choice, you can still use a soft touch / click clack drain and just not use the popup lever hole in the faucet, or you can select a regular popup drain with a lever and use the lever hole in your faucet. It is our experience that people prefer the soft touch / click clack drains, especially when they have a vessel sink.

Do I need a mounting ring?

Most glass sinks require a mounting ring because the bottom of the glass sinks are usually not flat, therefore will not sit properly on your countertop without a mounting ring in between the sink and countertop. The other reason for a mounting ring, specifically with glass sinks, is to put something between the often hard countertop (such as stone) and a glass sink. If you apply enough pressure to a glass sink, that doesn't have a flat bottom, that is on a countertop without a mounting ring, it could likely crack or shatter. Again, not all glass sinks require a mounting ring, check with the product specifications or a sales rep if you are unsure.

Will my copper sink patina or change color? How can I prevent this?

The natural brown sinks are most susceptible to stains caused by hard water and acid based chemicals. We recommend that you DO NOT use any type of chemical to clean your copper sink. If you experience hard water we recommend wiping the sink down after each use with a gentle soft cloth to avoid spotting. If for some reason an acidic food or chemical comes in contact with your sink a bright shiny spot will remain. This shiny spot can be cleaned with soap and water but only time will completely remove the spot as the sink recovers its natural patina.

The finish on copper sinks can also be damaged or removed if you put something extremely hot or acidic on the surface of the sink. This is particularly important when it comes to copper kitchen sinks. Putting a hot pan from the stove right into the sink will likely remove the finish.

The clear glossy shiny sinks are etched with an acid based solution at the point of creation, giving them a bright smooth and shiny aura. To keep your sink looking its best you will have to periodically clean and rebuff the sink with a copper cleaner such as Wrights Copper Cream. If you wish for the sink to develop its own unique patina simply give it time to slowly age.

How long does shipping take?

From the time of order processing you should see your order within 4-7 business days for standard ground shipping. 1-2 days for air shipping.

How can I get tracking for my order?

Once your order is placed and processed our team will send you a tracking information via email. If you have any further questions, please email sales@bathroomvesselsinks.com with the full name, the order was placed under, as well as the date the order was placed.

How do I return or exchange a product?

You will need to fill out an RMA Request Form on our website through the My Account area. Review your Order History and choose the order and go to the line item you need to create an RMA. You will receive an email with return authorization for returning the items. Products shipped back to us without an RMA approval may be declined or destroyed without credit.





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