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Farmhouse sinks are all the rage. People around the country are remodeling their kitchens to create a farmhouse or “country” look, which evokes a homey feel to the space. Farmhouse sinks are also referred to as apron sinks. These two terms are one and the same. When you are opting for the country look with an apron or farmhouse style sink, you can choose from French country, English country, or Americana.


The sheer capacity of farmhouse sinks is one of its most attractive features. With its depth and breadth, you can accommodate more dishes and larger pots and pans than in any other style sink out there. Apron sinks also allow for less splash back, which means less mess all the way around.

These functional sinks are stylish and practical, so they are a great option for any kitchen. And if you really want to up the country kitchen factor, choose copper farmhouse sinks.


Copper farmhouse sinks can be made anywhere in the world, but some of the most coveted are made in Mexico. These farmhouse sinks are hand hammered after being heated in fire. Then they add patina to the surface to while it’s being heated so that tarnishing won’t be a problem. There is a long history of hand hammered copper sinks in Mexico. Before the Spaniards arrived, the Tarascos were working with copper by hammering it into shapes. Thus, copper farmhouse sinks from Mexico are a piece of history in a sense.


The United States are also producers of quality copper farmhouse sinks and apron sinks. These sinks tend to be smooth as they are hand crafted, but not hammered.


Copper farmhouse sinks often have decorative trim around the outside and front, which brings a pleasing look to the kitchen as well. But one of the great features of these aprons sinks is that there is really no maintenance for the homeowner. These sinks are not just beautiful to behold and evoke a country feel, they are naturally antibacterial. This means your meals and food preparation is worry-free. All you have to do is enjoy your gorgeous farmhouse sink.

Beware when you’re shopping for apron sinks and farmhouse sinks made from copper because many places offer cheap sinks made from recycled copper. These sinks are made from melting down copper and creating a copper sheet from which to make the sink. The problem is that the upkeep will be increased with repairs and replacement.


If you want to create that country look in your kitchen with copper kitchen sinks, then make sure you choose a sink with a thicker gauge, which will protect against dents and warping. You also want welded joints and corners in lieu of soldered ones. The soldered corners tend to blacken with age and are not as strong.


Although at one time, the farmhouse sink was a staple in American households, it fell out of favor when people stopped having such large families. But the look is definitely back in interior design. A lot of people are remodeling to make their kitchens welcoming and inviting. Country inspired décor is certainly those things! Country kitchens are warm and cozy. In this time of uncertainty, it’s not that surprising that people would want a feeling of comfort at home, and to make the kitchen a central gathering place. With apron sinks or farmhouse sinks, the sink certainly becomes a focal point in the room—sort of like useful art—and draws the eye. Copper farmhouse sinks add an element of warmth, charm, and vintage timelessness. If you are building a kitchen or remodeling, consider copper sinks.




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