Eden Bath Stone Trough Bathroom Sink - Petrified Wood
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Granite Stone Vessel Sinks | Granite Sink Bowls-Natural Stone Trough Vessel Sink - Petrified Wood

Natural Stone Trough Vessel Sink - Petrified Wood
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Product Information:

*** Choose your Sink! Pictures and dimensions of sinks in stock can be seen below or at ***

You simply cannot get more natural than a stone trough sink made of petrified wood. Although its called petrified wood and it actually was at one point in time natural wood it is now stone. Over thousands of years the process of fossilization has replaced all the organic materials in the wood with minerals keeping the structure of the wood but effectively turning it into stone.

Petrified wood trough sinks are among the most unique products in our line because no two are even close to alike. The color, shape and size vary for every piece, with our trough sinks ranging from 36 to 44 in length (side to side) and from 5 to 6.5 in height. The color of the stone trough bathroom sinks can also vary; this is partly due to the original wood and what minerals the wood was surrounded by. However, they will all have a natural wood tone, from very light, all the way to dark.

If your project requires more than one sink please note that it will not be possible to find two sinks that will match or even be relatively similar.

Overall the petrified wood trough sinks are extremely special and will be phenomenal conversation pieces mostly because of the history and uniqueness behind them.

This sink is compatible with the EB_D001, EB_D002 and EB_D003 drains.

  • Made of Natural Petrified Wood
  • Stone Trough Vessel Sink
  • Each Trough Sink is Unique and Different
  • Sinks pictured above are representative samples, you will choose your specific sink from current stock, not all colors/patterns shown above will be available
  • 1 5/8" - No Overflow Drain
  • Trough Dimensions: W: 15-20". L: 19-31". H: 5-8"
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

You will choose your specific sink from ones currently available as pictured below. Once you have made your selection, please contact us with the sink code so we can hold it for you while you place your order. This selection changes as sinks are sold and new inventory becomes available. Please note that these sinks are one of a kind. While there is a top view and side view picture of each sink, there is only one sink available per sink code. If you need more than one sink, you will have to choose more than one sink code.

Model Number: EB_S039PW-P
Material: Petrified Wood  
Outer Dimensions: L: 36-44", W: 16-18", H: 5-6.5"  What Does This Mean?
Drain Size / Overflow: 1 5/8" - No Overflow  
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
What's Included: Stone Sink
Installation Guide: Download Install Sheet - EB_S039PW-P
Manufacturer / Brand: Eden Bath - (Click Here to See All Eden Bath Products)
Ships From: Iowa
Notes On Finish: As hand crafted works of art created from natural stone each stone sink will have its own unique finish and may not be exactly as shown in the photo(s).

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