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Welcome to the articles and design resources section of the web site. Here you can find a growing collection of articles related to bathroom design and vessel sinks.

If you have a bathroom design or home improvement related web site and would like to use any of the articles below on your site, please feel free to do so. We do however require that you include a web link back to our web site ( and keep the authors profile and company information on the bottom of the article intact when you republish the article on your own site.

Farmhouse Sinks For The Country Inspired Kitchen

Farmhouse sinks are all the rage. People around the country are remodeling their kitchens to create a farmhouse or “country” look, which evokes a homey feel to the space. Farmhouse sinks are also referred to as apron sinks. These two terms are one and the same. When you are opting for the country look with an apron or farmhouse style sink, you can choose from French country, English country, or Americana.

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The Old World Charm Of Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper sinks seem like an edgy, modern twist for your kitchen, but copper is actually our oldest metal. For more than 10,000 years we’ve been utilizing copper, so bringing it into our homes is not really such a stretch. In fact, we use copper all over the house! Your plumbing system may have copper in it. When you go buy high end cookware, it is made from copper. And let’s don’t downplay the charm factor of copper. After all, when you see cooking shows or walk through a high end restaurant, ever notice those copper pots hanging about? It’s a sign of quality, excellence, and class.

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Choosing The Right Vessel Sink Faucet

Vessel sinks are all the rage these days. Nothing screams ‘modern bathroom’ quite like the vessel sink perched upon the counter of a sleek piece of furniture in the bathroom. It’s amusing that the concept behind this very modern bathroom sink is the wash basin of old. Many tie the vessel sink the Chinese washbasin, but one need only look as far as the old timey metal wash basins in old country homes with no running water to find the inspiration for these sinks.

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Vessel Sinks Make Your Bathroom Modern

The new trend in bathrooms is vessel sinks, and with good reason. Rather than the bathroom sinks of old, encased in a cabinet, vessel sinks are free-standing. Thus, all sides of the sink are decorated so that the entire object is ornamental. This sink sits directly upon a piece of furniture or the countertop in the bathroom. But these sinks come in a wide array of styles so that whatever the style of your lavatory—traditional, cutting-edge, whimsical, elegant, or contemporary—there are vessel sinks to fit your vision.

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Wall Mount Faucets For Your Bathroom

Wall mount faucets add a touch of elegance and class to your bathrooms. They offer unique style and look which may add to the flair and personality of you bathroom. A wall mount faucet is aesthetically and technically different from normal faucets. They are attached to the wall in which the sink is attached.

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Vessel Sink Faucets For The Modern Bathroom

Vessel faucets are a great way to spice up an old bathroom. They are probably the most attractive accessory you can add to your bathroom. A vessel sink faucet gives you the option of adding to an elegantly designed vanity counter and a beautiful vessel sink to create a look that is entirely is absolutely alluring. If you’re looking to change things up in your bathroom and give things a new look then you certainly can’t go wrong with installing a vessel sink faucet. There are many designs to choose from and you’ll certainly not be short of options or some variety. The days of bathrooms with strictly white porcelain bowls and traditional boring looking faucets are long gone. Now you have vessel sink faucets in many elegant styles and designs made from a variety of materials to give your bathroom a classy look and atmosphere.

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A Vessel Faucet Adds That Unique Touch

A Vessel faucet adds a unique, appealing feature to your house. Faucets are one design item that sadly, is often forgotten when people are planning and building their new house or remodeling an area. Yet, everybody in the house, which includes visitors, will use the faucets in your home every single day. Even though they are utilitarian, they are also able to add appeal and interest. New design choices elevate the formerly dull tap from boring, to an intriguing accessory for any almost space. Vessel faucets are certainly among the most interesting options for faucets and will pair nicely with a complementary vessel sink or even an ordinary drop in type sink.

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Types And Uses Of Kitchen Sink Faucets

A kitchen sink faucet is one of the most important parts of any kitchen. A kitchen will not be complete without them. In addition to being useful, kitchen sink faucets can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. As such, they are available today in various shapes, sizes, designs and finishes. Kitchen faucets are also one of the most used items in the kitchen. Hence they have to be replaced more frequently than other kitchen objects. Up gradation or replacement of kitchen faucets is part of most home improvement projects. Black, bronze, brushed nickel, chrome and stainless steel are some of the popular finishes seen in the faucets.

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Farmhouse Sinks A Popular Option For Heritage Homes

Farmhouse sinks are a popular option for many new and older properties. They provide character, depth and function to every kitchen. Farmhouse sinks provide many other benefits that make them an ideal sink for many homeowners.

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Copper Kitchen Sinks Are Useful And Enhance The Decor Of Your Kitchen

opper is a metal that has been in use since ancient times. Copper has been used in the kitchen extensively both as cookware and kitchen sinks. Therefore the advantages and disadvantages of using copper for their use as kitchen sinks are well known. The best known advantage of using copper kitchen sinks is that they do not corrode with passage of time.

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Choosing A Vessel Sink

In the past upon entering any bathroom, awaiting to greet you was usually a plain white porcelain or cast-iron vessel sink. Those days are now gone. In today's world, there are numerous choices of vessel sinks available, not only of different materials but also of various textures and shapes. A vessel sink has now become a work of art that is highly prized by modern homeowners. When choosing a vessel sink, they are two key factors that should be considered to ensure that you select the right sink for your home.

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Types Of Bathroom Sinks

The popularity of bathroom sinks has increased significantly in recent times. More and more people are realizing the importance of such sinks from a hygienic as well as aesthetic point of view. In most homes, bathroom sinks are the most used fixture. Traditional sinks were white in color and bowl shaped. Nowadays, these sinks are available in various materials, colors, styles, shapes and sizes. The entire appearance of the bathroom will be influenced by the sink. Hence a selection should be made after considering all aspects.

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How To Install A Vessel Sink & Faucet

With the increasing popularity of vessel sinks and the do-it-yourselfers who want to know how to install them, I figured it would be beneficial to write a comprehensive how-to article on the complete process of installing one of these fixtures from start to finish. This article / how to guide will be broken up into several steps, allowing you to skip steps that may have already been completed by your plumber or contractor. The journey will begin with the preparation of the raw water supply lines and drain and end with the completed product.

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Choosing A Bathroom Vessel Sink

In the past you could almost be certain that upon entering any bathroom you would be greeted by a plain white porcelain or cast-iron sink. Those days are long gone. Today, you have choice, not only of materials but also of color, texture and shape. The bathroom sink has become just as much of a piece of art as the elegant works featured at the Louvre in Paris. This article will walk you through the various materials used in vessel sink design as well as some things to consider when looking for a vessel sink.

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Spa Bathroom Design

Visiting a spa is very much a sensory experience, the feeling of tranquility and relaxation that one gets when entering a spa is directly related to the synergy of the atmosphere. Flooring, wall décor, furniture and fixtures made of natural materials are most prominent in high end spas. Wood and natural stone including granite, marble and soapstone are perhaps the most used materials in spa design. These materials along with proper lighting and layout all contribute to the Zen like atmosphere of your favorite spa. So, what is to stop you from recreating this in your own home? Nothing!

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Caring For Your Stone, Marble, Granite, Copper or Wood Sink.

Caring for natural materials in your bathroom or kitchen can be very important and will help prolong their life. Whether it's a natural stone sink, granite sink, granite countertop, copper sink or wood sink this article will walk you through the do's and dont's of routine maintenance of these materials.

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