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Articles & Design Resources > A Vessel Faucet Adds That Unique Touch

A Vessel Faucet Adds That Unique Touch
Unique designs, modern appeal and the ability to give a bathroom personal expression with a contemporary vessel faucet.

By: Tricia

A vessel faucet adds a unique, appealing feature to your house. Faucets are one design item that sadly, is often forgotten when people are planning and building their new house or remodeling an area. Yet, everybody in the house, which includes visitors, will use the faucets in your home every single day. Even though they are utilitarian, they are also able to add appeal and interest. New design choices elevate the formerly dull tap from boring, to an intriguing accessory for any almost space. Vessel faucets are certainly among the most interesting options for faucets and will pair nicely with a complementary vessel sink or even an ordinary drop in type sink.

Vessel faucets give a space that little bit of extra pizzazz and can even be the focal point for the style of the rest of your bathroom or kitchen. Take into account the message you intend to convey when somebody enters this living space and look for a design that matches your idea, be it a modern contemporary look or a more traditional Victorian feel. There are hundreds of designs and styles to select from. Fixtures are offered in a variety of colors, finishes and materials, so you will surely find fittings that go with your design approach.

Listed below are some great tips that will help you confidently make a good choice when shopping for a vessel faucet. Before selecting your faucets and related fittings think about the following criteria:

- Bathroom and kitchen vessel faucets are available in several finishes and types of materials, therefore you need to choose one that suits your decorating style and the overall look you want for the room, as well as the color of your sink.

- The most common finishes for vessel faucets usually are brushed copper, nickel, or chrome, and oil rubbed bronze. Any of these will make a beautiful sparkling addition to your room that is both long lasting and unique.

- One handle vessel faucet spouts and double handle spouts for warm and cold water are available in a multitude of styles, such as: 1920's British, Victorian, Traditional, Contemporary and Penguin style, plus many others.

- Perhaps the most significant of all characteristics when searching for a faucet are simplicity and functionality. Spigots are a type of vessel faucet that is often preferred by professional home builders. They recommend them because they are simple to use, leak-proof, sturdy, plus very easy to clean and maintain.

- Also consider where the faucet is going to be mounted. Various types of mounts can be found depending on where you wish to mount your faucet. Will it be installed on the wall, counter or sink? Most vessel faucet styles can be found in different lengths and heights to support varied types of sinks and tubs. Be sure to take measurements of the area where your faucet will be mounted beforehand.

This is not a final listing of what you ought to look for in the perfect vessel faucet and accessories, but merely a starting point, as you will want to also base your selection on personal taste.

Adding vessel faucets can complete any kind of sink, shower, or tub combination. They sell at a variety of prices to suit your budget. Whether you are just building your first home or remodeling a new one, a vessel faucet can give it that little extra touch to take your bathroom or kitchen from ordinary to wow!

Tricia is the head of sales and marketing for – a leading online retailer of luxury vessel sinks made of natural stone, copper, glass, porcelain and more. The online retailer also offers numerous bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets. offers affordable and functional handcrafted works of art that are sure to please even the most discerning home owner. Tricia has written several articles oriented towards helping homeowners achieve their artistic vision within their home.


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