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Choosing A Vessel Sink
Always follow these two key factors when choosing a vessel sink for your new bathroom

By: Tricia

In the past upon entering any bathroom, awaiting to greet you was usually a plain white porcelain or cast-iron vessel sink. Those days are now gone. In today's world, there are numerous choices of vessel sinks available, not only of different materials but also of various textures and shapes. A vessel sink has now become a work of art that is highly prized by modern homeowners.

When choosing a vessel sink, they are two key factors that should be considered to ensure that you select the right sink for your home.

Factor 1: The Faucet

When choosing a vessel sink you should consider the vessel faucet. These sinks are often mounted on top of the counter deck, so a typical 5-inch high faucet would not work. However, there are two specific faucets that can be used with vessel sinks and they are: deck-mounted and wall-mounted faucets.

A deck-mounted faucet should be used for tall vessel sinks. This faucet usually has a goose neck design which enables the faucet to reach above the vessel edge to provide enough space to wash your hands. This type of faucet is the easiest to install, since it only requires an insertion into the countertop and can use existing plumbing underneath the counter.

A wall-mounted faucet in contrast, is very complex and does require preparation. This type of faucet is the best choice if you're building a new home, or if you're completely demolishing an old one. Faucets like this do require hot and cold water lines to run through the wall to be installed above the vessel sink basin, before it can be attached to the wall to allow the spout to reach the middle of the basin.

Factor 2: The Material


Glass has become the most popular material when choosing a vessel sink today. They come in various textural combinations; and can have printed images located between the glass layers. These sinks are relatively inexpensive and are very easy to clean and maintain, however, they can break quite easily. Rapid temperature changes, over-tightening of the drain, strong impacts, and improper installation can cause the sink to crack. When selecting a glass vessel sink, make sure you choose one that is made of tempered glass, because it will not damage your countertop if it breaks.


Stone is the next most popular material when choosing a vessel sink. There are a large variety of stone vessel sinks available like marble, onyx, soapstone, granite, travertine and many others. However by far, granite and marble are the most popular choices. Sinks that are made of stone are truly unique since each one of them is hand-carved from a single piece of stone. A natural material like stone can offer a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Stone vessel sinks come in many different shapes. The most popular and practical is the stone bowl. However, the down-side of stone sinks is that they can absorb and hold water, because of this; it will need to be cleaned and sealed with a stone sealer solution every year.


Copper is another material that is available when choosing a vessel sink. Copper does consistently reacts with the environment, so things like temperature, moisture, and water mineral content will determine what the sink will look like in years to come. They do require regular cleaning, but with soap and water, and they should be kept dry after each use to avoid an uneven patina layer. When selecting a copper vessel sink, it is best to choose one that has thick shells, because they are more durable.

Choosing a vessel sink can be an adventure, and usually does cost more than ordinary sinks. However, they can provide your bathroom with a work of art that will be highly prized.

Tricia is the head of sales and marketing for – a leading online retailer of luxury vessel sinks made of natural stone, copper, glass, porcelain and more. The online retailer also offers numerous bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets. offers affordable and functional handcrafted works of art that are sure to please even the most discerning home owner. Tricia has written several articles oriented towards helping homeowners achieve their artistic vision within their home.


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