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What Makes Us Different?

We have always believed in standing out from the crowd. This means trying things and doing things that the rest of the online retail world is not. is not just another bathroom and kitchen products e-tailer. We hand pick the products we feature on our site and only focus on niche market brands, often from smaller companies and artists that are located all around the world. We try and stay away from mainstream brands and product lines for the simple reason that you can likely find them on hundreds of other sites, where the only differentiating factor is “the best price”. If we feature a product from a major name on our site, it is because it’s a product unique to that manufacturer, the decorative plumbing industry and comparable products from other manufacturers are not available.

By featuring unique, design oriented products on our web site from niche decorative plumbing product manufacturers it allows us to bring something new to the table, and allows you to achieve a unique design that is not easily repeated by the rest of the crowd.

Furthermore, we would rather not create a “mega site” featuring all products and categories in the kitchen and bath industry. We focus specifically on higher end bathroom sinks, bathroom faucets, kitchen sinks, kitchen faucets and nothing else! In addition, we pre-filter the available product offerings from the manufacturers we represent before adding them to our site. We believe that flooding customers with choice, when many of the products are very similar just adds more stress and confusion to the buying process. This also saves you time. You can view the best products with the best values and not have to search through 10,000 similar product matches to find them!

Lastly, customer service is number one. I know this sounds cliché, but our well trained customer service representatives are willing to do anything to ensure that you get the best product, best value and best pre-sale and after sale service. We are familiar with all the products we sell, which allows us to provide unique design advice and recommend similar products based on your criteria. Great design is our passion, and we want to share our creativity and our unique products with the world.

The most unique products at fair prices; backed by great customer service. That’s what makes us different.

Patricia Miller
Head of Sales & Marketing is an online retailer of premium, all natural vessel sinks, designer vessel sink faucets, kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks. was created to serve the high end retail bathroom and kitchen fixture market and to capture some of the 20% of bathroom sink purchases made up of vessel style lavatory sinks. The vessel style bathroom sink started to become popular in the late 1990's but is now a major design trend in the bathroom and plumbing products industry, is dedicated solely to selling vessel sinks, vessel sink faucets, kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets and is quickly becoming one of the internet's leading providers of these unique fixtures.

We proudly distribute the complete line of Eden Bath vessel sinks and lavatory faucets in addition to products from many other world class decorative plumbing manufacturers. What sets Eden Bath apart from other vessel sink providers is that they focus strictly on natural materials in the creation of their vessel sinks. The worlds finest granite, marble, travertine, onyx, copper and wood is transformed into unique works of art by gifted craftsman located in various production facilities around the world. In addition to the beautiful line of vessel sink products offered by Eden Bath they also produce a complete line of premium vessel faucets to compliment their line of vessel sinks.

What's unique about is that we only specialize in lower volume "pieces of art work". Our unique line of stone sinks, copper sinks, glass sinks and wood sinks are exclusive hand crafted works of art that are just as much a conversation piece as a functional bathroom fixture.

When you purchase a sink or faucet from you can expect a high quality product, with the highest caliber of function and aesthetics. All of our products are backed by a minimum 1 year manufacturers warranty and 30 day return policy. Many manufacturers we represent offer 2 year, 3 year, 5 year or even lifetime warranty's.

We recognize that bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms in your home. The decision to purchase sink or faucet from ensures a timeless design that will not only increase the value of your home but also provide years of serene inner peace that emanate through our exquisite products.

If your goal is to find a high quality, functional, unique centerpiece for your new bathroom or kitchen, you have definitely come to the right place.

Our Mission will be the online retail leader in mid to high end bathroom and kitchen products by providing unique, high quality, premium lavatory fixtures to home owners, contractors, installers, and retailers alike. We will focus on understanding and fulfilling our customers needs and continually improve our product line, distribution channels and online presence to better serve the market and to set new bathroom design trends.

Corporate Headquarters
A Division of Millie Fitzpatrick Enterprises, LLC
760 Kacena Rd, Suite 5
Hiawatha, IA 52233
Telephone: 877-578-5603
Web Site:

If you have any questions about our company or our products, please contact us.

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